I was struggling with family relationships – in my marriage and with my adult step children.   My emotional state was characterized by a sense of entrapment, fear of the future, anxiety and overall confusion.  Five counselling sessions with Marty and work with the Enneagram followed.  Through this work, I have a  better understanding of myself and the dynamics of my family relationships.  My outlook has greatly improved along with my ability to live in today.

B.D.Male, Age 73, Retired

Working with Marty provides me fundamental checkpoints as I develop my skills and find the ‘line of best fit’ with who I am and who I can be as a leader. He asks great questions and there’s an honesty in the way he relates. The Enneagram is a beneficial resource for me to use between my sessions with Marty, helping me highlight and reinforce the principles we discuss.

D.K.Female, Age 47, Health Care Quality Improvement Specialist

Positivity – Marty’s coaching has focused on positive and proactive approaches to address challenges.  Through self-reflection and situational assessment, I feel better prepared to meet the needs of my position.  The Enneagram has made me more aware of how what I perceive as strengths might be points of conflict with others that I work with.  This has improved my workplace communication.

D.B.Male, Age 35, Assistant Professor and Research Scientist

Many stable things in my life were becoming increasingly unstable.  Marty’s caring and appropriate, challenging ways through our regular coaching sessions were genuinely transformative.  The crisis of divorce and a change of employment progressed although I knew I would not just survive but thrive with his sage questions and kind nudging.  His work with the Enneagram was one of the most profound guides I have experienced.

B.B.Male, Age 50, Senior Leader in Education Administration