I definitely felt the leadership workshop with Marty was a valuable and thoroughly interesting experience.  I found the pre-workshop interview to be enjoyable and convenient to arrange; the book provided during the course is an excellent resource for further learning.  The workshop itself was engaging and Marty facilitated the discussion in an easy-going and inviting manner.   The one day workshop provided an introduction to the core material and I am motivated to continue to develop my skills after being given a solid foundation.

Dr. Teresa Wawrykow, CCFP (EM)Undergraduate Program Director, Department of Emergency Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

The Enneagram was very beneficial in helping me to understand character qualities and how they reveal your values and influence your behavior… all of which impact how you enact leadership. Marty infused his own experiences and learning of leadership in a way that invited us to embrace the notion that leadership is developmental in nature.  This approach created a space for us to share our triumphs and challenges as leaders.

Tracey ClancySenior Instructor, Director of Nursing Instructor Development, University of Calgary

Self-awareness is a fundamental building block of Leadership development.   Marty’s Enneagram workshop facilitated a novel and in-depth appreciation of not only what makes each of us tick but what drives others.  An understanding of these uncannily informative profiles can help health care leaders engage with others in their settings and strengthen connections and drive effective goal-oriented and productive collaborations.

Dr. Eddy LangDepartment Head for Emergency Medicine, University of Calgary

I have worked with other tools in the past including Myers Briggs but found the Enneagram to be much more detailed and revealing. It was also very interesting in terms of using it as a tool to understand other members of your family and your work team.  Marty was an excellent facilitator with significant experience in coaching and counselling.   A very positive experience.

Gordon AndersonPresident, Cidel Trust Company