I’d highly recommend the program for team-building.…It gave the staff and faculty who participated a better understanding of each other along with greater self-understanding…For a faculty such as ours, physically separated on different floors and campuses, it was a great way to connect…

Collene FergusonManager of Marketing and Communications, University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Marty required an individual session along with follow-up conversations prior to any group session.  This created a comfort level with Marty as a facilitator that made the group session relaxed and welcoming.  Marty was very adept at creating this type of environment that made the session full of transparency and extremely valuable.

Jeff SchellenbergCo-Chief Executive Officer, Terrapro, Sherwood Park, Alberta

The Enneagram has helped each of us realize the key ingredients of overall team success, cohesion and harmony can come from a greater understanding of each other’s personality traits, motivators or fears… Marty is an excellent facilitator and his enthusiasm and understanding of the Enneagram process is very evident.

Marshall TonerExecutive Vice President, Managing Director, Canada JLL

The sessions that Marty conducted for our team with the Enneagram as a central focus were incredibly enlightening.  For starters, they made me realize some of the factors that were triggering tension within our team (around things like workload, deadlines, decision making, process, and so on).  Marty created a very positive atmosphere for challenging discussions and he made us find a safe space for working through many things.

Dr. William GhaliScientific Director of the O’Brien Institute of Public Health, University of Calgary