My work with the Enneagram builds the self-awareness that raises leadership performance.  I work collaboratively with my clients to develop an approach that fits the specific needs of the participants and can focus learning goals in many areas:

  • Participants have the opportunity to consider the core principles that make a leader credible, and understand how their strengths can work for themselves, their colleagues and their stakeholders.
  • They learn how to enhance their ability to develop trust and create collaborative relationships.
  • They can focus on how to build skills to clarify vision and make tough decisions to prioritize their most important goals.
  • They can work on their ability to master conflict and integrate cultural and strategic change.
  • Very importantly, everyone I work with is helped to create their own personal development plan to guide their career going forward.

The Enneagram provides a foundation from which to understand the leader’s style in an in-depth way that allows for growth – truly the development of the leader.

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